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Growing flowers...and also a dream

Cory and I decided to bundle up the girls and head out for an after-dinner wagon ride down our road when we saw them from the driveway; tiny, pale green shoots making their way up through the holes we’d cut in the weedmat last fall. We looked at each other,surprised--our bulbs! We trudged through the remaining crusty snow to our soon-to-be cut flower garden (wagon full of kids and all) and stared in wonder at the little sprouts coming through the earth. We laughed in disbelief, somehow not able to believe that the hundreds of bulbs we’d planted only five months ago were already poking up from the ground. March 14, one week away from the official start of spring, and we were suddenly filled with as much hope and excitement that the season elicits in all who have emerged from a northern Michigan winter.

It’s hard to believe that less than a year ago, we decided to venture down this path in creating our cut-flower farm, Emlia Acres. As everyone is aware, 2020 was quite the year (understatement!). A year of ups and downs where nothing was predictable. If 2020 personally taught me anything, it’s that the time we have with our family and friends is precious and should never be taken for granted.

Last year also taught me that time is fleeting. I think Cory and I can both thank 2020 for a perspective shift and giving us the nudge we needed to listen to the small voice that’s been whispering inside our heads for some time now. We’ve been talking about starting a farm for years, but of course, life is busy and it never seemed like the right time. We finally decided to stop waiting for the “right” time for everything to be perfect. If we wanted to make this dream happen, let’s do it now. Starting a new business anytime is scary. Starting one in 2020? Crazy, stupid, risky, are just a few of the words that seem to come to mind. But other words...such as hope, excitement, and possibility are just a few that I try to summon when negative thoughts start to creep into my head. A risky, somewhat crazy endeavor? Probably. Also one that we’re incredibly excited about and can’t wait to begin.

I think of those little green sprouts emerging from the ground and close my eyes imagining the beauties they’ll turn into later this spring. We’ll be starting seeds in the next day or so, which I’m so ready for. It just seems like one step closer to feeling like, yes, we really are doing this!

We can’t wait to share with you our challenges and successes this year will undoubtedly bring, and of course, beautiful FLOWERS that will be up before too long. Thank you for joining us at Emlia Acres!

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