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Our Team

Cory Evans

Cory has his hands in every aspect of the farm with everything from planting seeds, to building and selling bouquets. From dawn to dusk at Emlia Acres, Cory is constantly busy growing beautiful flowers.  


When he doesn’t have his hands in the dirt, Cory enjoys fishing and listening to audio books.  Cory can often be found out in the field listening to a good book while tending the plants. 













Jessica Evans

At some point in the past, Jessica was bitten by the flower bug and has yet to get tired of beautiful blooms.  Jessica helps Cory grow the flowers, but spends most of her time building bouquets.  She also handles Emlia Acre’s social media and photography. 


When she’s not busy on the farm, Jessica can also often be found at Little Traverse Bay Humane Society in Harbor Springs, where she serves as the Communications and Marketing Coordinator.  If you need a pretty bouquet or a new furry family member, you know who to ask! 

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Ember Evans

Ember is Cory and Jessica’s eight-year-old daughter, and she loves to help out in any way she can on the farm.  Ember likes to help Jessica put together bouquets and also enjoys transplanting flower seedlings each spring.

Ellia Evans

Ellia is Cory and Jessica’s five-year-old daughter, and she loves helping with all farm-related projects.  She particularly enjoys seeding sunflowers and can often be found in the greenhouse helping to do that! 

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